Basic Studio Lighting old

Basic Studio Lighting

4 sessions of 2.5hrs
Cost – $300 per participant.
What to expect
Learn to take portraits using studio flash indoors and outdoors. You learn how to control light, after all photography is all about light.  This is a pretty hands-on workshop and expect to work your butts out.
Dates – Yet to be confirmed.  Please WhatsApp me at +65 8768 4530 for more information.  Thank you.
Time: 7-930pm
Venue – 175A Geylang Road Sg 389247 for indoor and outdoor confirm during class
Shot by Mr Oh KarChye on the 3rd session.
Class Size – 3 to 5
Participants are expected to have knowledge of:-
Shooting in Manual Mode;
What is Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO;
You can use any camera.  Preferable one with a hot-shoe.