Bird Photography in Singapore


Want to capture your bird’s playful nature and colorful feathers just right? We’re flying to help you!

Arik Chan has been photographing for over four decades, and has won countless hearts and minds with his distinctive,soulful photography. In 2017, he won a Honour Mention for a photograph entered in the Mobile Photography Awards. His bird photography is no less impactful, and will be well worth the expense. Contact us for a fair quote.

Bird photography comes with it’s own unique challenges, as unlike people who can be told to stay still or pose in a certain manner, birds, especially parrots just don’t work that way. To have good bird photographs taken, one must be able to get the birds comfortable and relaxed enough for a shoot – a skill which Arik Chan simply excels at.

He doesn't just take a photograph, he makes it. He doesn't shoot what it looks like, but what it feels like. Deeply appreciate your art, Arik Chan!

Coco Ali

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