Editing with Lightroom

Small group size from 2-6 participants at $300 of  6 x 2.5Hrs sessions.  Can be done at the comfort of your office or home.
Basic knowledge of computer like emails, folders etc
Venue: 175A Geylang Rd (subject to changes)
Why learn  Lightroom? Briefly the Main advantages:
After using Lightroom, I hardly use Photoshop.  I use Lightroom for 90% of my work now.
 To me, Lightroom is a must have program for photographers.  It is not only a
cataloguing software but the image editing is very powerful too. Although LR is not as
powerful as Photoshop as it doesn’t support layers, text etc it is a very powerful
browser and is also a database program. Image editing is non destructive and as
mentioned earlier I hardly use Photoshop as LR eases my workflow as a photographer.
Imagine all your shots for an event is under exposed or a colour cast,  with a few
clicks you can apply the changes to hundreds or thousands of photos!
What you will learn:
* Photography Workflow
* Lightroom folders and catalog
* Collections
* Saving pictures
* Keyboard Short-cuts
* White Balance
* Exposure
* Contrast
* Highlights
* Shadows
* Whites/Blacks etc
Spot removal
* Brush size and adjustment
* Clone and heal
* Red eye tab
* Beauty retouching
Graduated Filters and Radical Filters
* Mask
* Adjustments
Lens Correction
* Lens profile
* Chromatic Aberration
Adjustment brushes
* Selective adjustments and all settings
Hands-on Retouching of pictures
Simple explanation on the following
* Maps tab
* Slideshow tab
Do contact me with the form or WhatsApp me at +65 87684530 if you are interested.  Thank you, Arik